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Thanks to @prettyguardian_sailormoon I have this awesome Sailor Moon app game, its called Sailor Dash. Its only for Android phones and I’m already hooked on it. The only downside is that everything is in Japanese but its not that hard to figure out on how to play. If you wanna download the app I put the link in my description bar. Hopefully it works. If it doesn’t just go to your web browser, then go to the Google Play website and search for Sailor Dash. Hope this helps.

#sailormoon #sailordash #sailormoonapp #sailormoongame #appgame #anime

I wonder if Other Senshi will be added with new updates or we have to unlock them o  .o





One of my wishes is if they made a doll of her! I know she had a really tiny part in the movie but she had such a pretty design!

Considering she lived thousands of years before howleen found the lamp she’s more than likely dead

Honey, do you know how old Cleo and Nefera are? she’s most like simply grown up now.

Deers don’t live for thousands of years lmao

Nor cats, nor snakes, nor dogs. Fawn is a Monster, not just some animal you see in woods or zoo, duh.

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