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I am also selling my vast collection of Monster High dolls! I am an out-of-the-box collector, but as a collector I can promise they are all in perfect condition. They come with all their things, and a huge bag of extra clothes and accessories. They are all in brand-new collection (no playing!) and are great stock to your collection or customizing workshop. Please send me a message if you are interested in them.

Do you ship abroad? I really would like to get Catty or Scarah, but they’re not in stores in my country and nobody would ship them abroad


This is what i meant about the game being glitchy

Also Monster High? How is it that the player avatar can get interesting outfits, while your male franchise characters are stuck in t shirt/tank top/ board shorts/slip ons/flip flops land? This is just proof they don’t have to be.

My phone is 11 months old and they say the game is not compatible with my device :( I’m so mad right now..

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